Monday, March 3, 2008

The AGS Wiki

I described earlier the sorry state of some of the "real" Wiki pages related to AGS, but after a flurry of activity at its inception, the AGS Wiki regrettably doesn't have a great deal going on these days. Gilbert does a great job keeping the Competitions and Activities Hall of Fame up to date. And monkey_05_06 keeps manual pages and tutorials up to date and I've recently updated the AGS Awards pages myself. However, there's not usually anyone else updating and its a great shame. There are plenty of handy nuggets of wisdom residing amongst our eclectic forum membership and it would be great if there were more art or scripting or story writing tutorials, game reviews and other pages in the Wiki. The AGS's wiki rules are much less strict than Wikipedia, so you can put in any old rubbish, although blatantly off-topic Spam will obviously be frowned on and deleted and may gain you a ban.

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