Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adventure Con

AdventureCon is an anagram of "Adventure Con". Took me ages to work out that one. Anyway, last year it fell through. This year, Howard Sherman is trying again to make it work. By "make it work" I mean refusing to talk to any adventure game companies unless they pay him $1000 first. By "make it work" I mean booking in to a hotel that isn't even finished being built yet. By "make it work" I mean not offering any guarantees to people who book in advance that the event will even take place. But hey, look at the website and judge for yourself.

I would actually be quite pleased if the thing did work despite the whole dodginess of the set up: it would be a great thing for it to run year after year, but until they've got a couple of years of success under their belts, I doubt that most companies or people will want to shell out in advance. If I were to go, I'd want Telltale, Autumn Moon, Hothead, Wadjet Eye, Benoit Sokal, The Adventure Company and some European companies there.

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