Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dualnames, bicilotti told me to tell you (3 hours, 34 minutes and 5 seconds ago): blog about downtime

Downtime. From the beginning of mankind, servers went down for maintenance. This time however it's all qptain_nemo, Ben304 and uoou's fault.

They hacked the forums to destroy the core of a wonderful community.

That's how I feel.


  1. Any idea when it will be back? Or should I just keep pressing refresh?

  2. (lights torch)

    Uhm, could I have a pitchfork please?

  3. What a shame!
    Feeling soooo lonely without my AGS-family.


    - may I have one of your hankies, please!?

  4. Is it just me or is the forum dying?

  5. Hmm, and i thought i got banned or something, I knew uoou was cruel but i didnt think he would do something like this!
    Good thing of it all is i had some time to think about my actions and behavior on the forums and i just want to sincerely apolagize to Khris WHAM and ryan, I said some terrible things and acted terribly childish, I can understand if yall never accept my apology, But i know im a stupid idiot and if theres anything i can ever do to make it up to yall please let me know...
    On the brighter side of things, I just happned to be hosting a multitude of forums and blogs so if anyone wants to get together and make an ags backup site I'll host it for free and perminantly, Also if we do something of the such, i dont wish to be a moderator and all the moderators from ags can retain their rightful positions...its just a farshot offer, but i have the reliable php hosting, the forum would have to be phpbb, which i like a little better than smf anyways, but yea, that offers on the table along with my sincere apologies to everyone who ever had to hear the crap that came out of my mouth, god bless you all..

    GrimReapYou aka Jared

  6. No forums, no cry.

    By the way, I hate this blog background. >:|

  7. Bad timing for me, as I set aside a chunk of this weekend to try to learn AGS. I've been making good use of the Google cache to try to track down the code / tips / modules I've needed though.

  8. Well, I started making a backup forum, I'll be more than happy to moderate all the previous moderators and make CJ the sole administrator.
    If everyone accepts this idea then please help me piece together the remainder of the forums.
    I wish to gain no power by doing this, only provide a backup for a beautiful community that i wish to never see die.
    I will simply continue my role as a regular member as i was on the main forums.
    If people are cool with this I'll need to get comments and suggestions on cloning the originality of the main forums.
    I don't know if uoou and the others destroyed the database or if its a temporary issue and im jumping the gun, but in any case i think it would be good to have a backup forum.


  9. I freaked out seeing somebody post as 'Jared' and thought I had an imitator. Ahh, that damn ego of mine. (I'm the guy who posts imaginatively as Jared o hai)

    I always check out the MAGs but I haven't seen March's because the forums are down. Does anyone know what it is so I can procrastinate about entering until the 22nd and then do nothing? :P

    Also I'd like to know an estimate of when they'll be up. As a guy with depression I like to keep tabs on what innocent distractions I have available.

  10. It's amazing how much I miss the forum when it isn't there...

  11. @DasJ: It's amazing how much traffic this blog gets when the forums are down :PPP

  12. It couldn't have been qptain_Nemo, could it? I..I just can't...can't believe that! Nemo, how could you betray us? HOW COULD YOU JOIN THE DARK SIDE?!?


    My two-cents: Someone (with connections to CJ, or other administrators) needs to set up a brand new forum, but the old forum needs to be archived / saved in some way. Just thinking of all the questions / answers in the technical boards being lost sends shivers down my spine...

    So when are we getting the lynching mob together for Ben304, Uoou, and *sigh* qptain_Nemo (the drunk Russian disappointed me) :<


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