Friday, February 29, 2008

AGS Opera Redux

While browsing through the woefully underused AGS Wiki, to research my exciting forthcoming rant about said AGS resource, I saw that m0ds had been updating the AGS Opera page, and with vaguely fond memories, I went back and listened to them again. The AGS Operas are some very old songs written by AGSers about all kinds of silly topics. My favourites are the AGS Overture (by m0ds) and AGS Questions (by Grundislav). I'm pretty sure there were some more recent ones, but they don't seem to be on the page. Oh well, maybe they'll turn up. Go, have a listen and a giggle (beware: some strong language!) Its funny that although many of these operatic opuses pre-date my appearance in the AGS community (and I joined over 5 years ago), the same things still crop up many years later!

UPDATE: Thanks to AGA for having archived and pointing me at more AGS Operas here and here.

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