Friday, March 28, 2008

GIPsy Kings

Here's another bunch of interesting looking stuff floating around the Games In Production (GIP) forum:

Craft of Evil

If a game is made by a guy with a bucket on his head, does that mean the graphics will be bad? Well, not according to the screenshots published for this first-person haunted house game which were put together with the Unreal game engine then imported into AGS as backgrounds.


bicilotti is making a colourful non-adventure puzzle game with Once Upon a Time's Ghost and some other AGSers. Looks like it could be a cracking bit of fun: Q-bert meets Marble Madness!

Jack Hurt and the Living Dead

Yay, Zombies! Forumite thesuitor is putting together a game where you can see if you are Legend!

NES Quest

Yolt and MrT (the real one?) have reached the beta-testing stage of their DOTT-esque game where you try and get your Nintendo fixed. Reports from beta tester TwinMoon have been good, so this is worthj keeping an eye out for its release.

Near Somewhere

Wacky French surrealist naamlock is following up his recent release Far Nowhere with this nearly-monochrome cat-murdering game.

Infection 1

After a long hiatus, a new demo is out for this Alien-esque Sci-Fi game that takes place on a spaceship with a mysterious cargo where the crew are woken early from cryo-stasis.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Using pre-rendered 3D to recreate Baum's yellow-brick vision, this ambitious project has a nice looking trailer but no doubt will take some time to be completed.

Quest to End All Quests!

Looking somewhat like Terry Pratchett's Cohen the Barbarian, wrinkled veteran hero Balder embarks on one last mission. Strange Visitor and Pijin (Dr Lutz and Robotragedy) are working together on this wonderfully hand-drawn game.

Project Hecka: Faith

Faith is trapped in her boarding school with a serial killer and the police seem to be getting nowhere. New kid on the block vertigoaddict and lo_res_man are working on this project that has a nice Yahtzee-ish style to the graphics.

Well, I'm all blogged out for now. Perhaps I'll cover some more GIPs shortly. Or not!

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