Friday, March 14, 2008

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While googling to try and find non-AGS release to blog about, I realise that its quite hard. Perhaps one of the unsung advantages of AGS is that it has a proper games database that by-and-large reflects finished games that one can download and play with direct links (mostly) and you can list chronologically, to see what's new.

Wintermute's site has a list of games that are not in chronological order, may or may not be finished (how up to date is it? hard to tell) and you have to trawl through a site first to actually get to the download. Lassie has some direct links, but is also cluttered with unfinished projects and is not available in chronological order. SLUDGE and all other engines don't seem to have games released at all in 2007, let alone 2008... so its very hard to tell what cool stuff has come out from other engines recently. Devotees of other engines, please put me right if I've missed such a resource somewhere: I'd love to have access to it.

However, if you can call "escape the room" adventures adventures, then the lists at Shut In and Escape Games 24 are pretty good.

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  1. There's a "new" SLUDGE game out: I've released a Special Edition of Frasse and the Peas of Kejick.

    News in the special edition include:
    * Support for Mac OS X as well as Windows.
    * Voice acting. (In some cases, it's even great voice acting!)
    * Improved Music (Now featuring actual instruments!)
    * Improved Graphics


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