Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog blag brag

Not only has CJ cast his peepers over these very pages (I'll never wash them again!), but over on his Les Miserables Game blog, Chris Tolworthy sings the praise of some module or other. What a clever chap.

In other exciting blog news, Jozef Purdes who used to review every AGS release ever on his blog has returned after a prolonged hiatus, and this time he says he's going to stick to more detailed reviews of the better games rather than single sentences about every piece of... work... that pops up in the AGS Games database! Thanks to Vince Twelve for pointing that one out on the AGS Forums. Jozef has already reviewed Ben Jordan 6, Linus Bruckmann and Deirdra's Wintermute-made games Chivalry is Not Dead and Pigeons in the Park.

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