Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Screenshots goodness follows:

Video goodness follows (STILL NOT THRILLED?):

has been, what now, 5 years in production by the amazing and fantastic Vince XII. It's a game consisted of a story between four playable characters and an interface that's innovating and challenging. The team behind the game is fantastic and now that Wadjet Eye Games have picked the game up, we may finally get to be amazed beyond amazement.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Riot rant

This is the first time I'm using this blog for politics, so I'm sorry if that annoys some, but I have to.

Yesterday, I was in the riot with some of my friends. From some sources over the internet, it was estimated that 1.5 million of people came down to protest. I was near the parliament from 17:00 when around 18:00, for no reason whatsoever the police force started the use of tear gas. That resulted in several people abandoning the square heading towards Omonoia.

In the meantime, since me and my friends split, after a while when the tear gas were resolved, we called them to ask if they were in the square and it turns out they were. For the next two hours a crowd consisted entirely of normal people and that can be assured, was pushed towards omonoia with tear gas, thrown at us, without any reason. Then anarchists joined the group and started burning down stuff, which resulted into resolving the tear gas.

I decided to go ahead and find my friends still at the square near the parliament, where things were peaceful and I assure you, that that wasn't possible because the police did their best to keep us from the square.

I want to mostly result to the very fact that the news are being bothered about places being burned, which is of course wrong, and not about a hero being hit without provocation.

Apparently to beat the one that lowered the German flag is not important. Somehow he had to leave it there to remind us what we have become, because now it reminds us of who we are and that hurts.