Saturday, July 30, 2011

What can you do with 3.5K ?

Well, I created very much nothing with 3.5K. And most of us, have done the same. But there is SteveMcCrea. What a man. He created a raycasting first-person dungeon crawler with RANDOM LEVELS, for the VIC-20 out of 3.5K, which nowadays equals to thin air.

But I personally expected nothing less, than PURE awesomeness. Check the very fascinating video below.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ghost gets his chance.

Ghost's newest game after a long silence, has been chosen as freeware game pick by none other than So read the article here, and get the game, will you!

Games about zombies, how can you not absolutely LOVE em?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Above lies the worst title this blog has yet to offer. Below lies the best game with the AGS Engine, with the initials PMQ.

Do your Wednesdays feel joyless and empty now Parliament’s in its summer recess? Does 12 o’clock pass without event, leaving you deflated and depressed?

Prime Minister’s Questions is every political nut’s favourite time of the week and we all deserve to enjoy it whenever we want.

Play as the prime minister in this satirical, retro style game as he faces his weekly grilling from Her Majesty’s Opposition.

Go Download the Game.


PMQ may not mean what you expect

Not the infamous Pubmaster Quest, but in fact Prime Minister's Questions: The Game! markbilly has thrown out this gem using some of the PixelPolitics stuff he's been doing for a while. If you've always wanted to get inside David Cameron's shoes (or pants) then go and play!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Release Something POST-MORTEM


Now, that's out of the way, let's talk about what this is all about. Icey games/Studio3 had the idea of an AGS Show equivalent to E3. While that may sound a bit silly, and perhaps you're right, it actually is kind of silly, Ben304, in all his enlightening insanity, actually made it happen.

So, let me use the amazing powers of copy-paste to show you what Ben304 actually did.

We used to have these under the guise of a "Release Something", and while I never participated, they were great fun, it's amazing to see all the different members of the community showcase little parts of the
ir projects. I think having a date, an event in which you know people will be interested in this sort of thing and all your buddies will be doing it, really motivates one to tidy something up for people to look at it. And, if nothing else, it gives you somewhere to finally show off those couple of screenshots that you know aren't going to be in a game anymore, but you spent hours working on and might as well do *something* with, even if it does just mean posting them for people to go "oooh, I wish that was a game!" over.

As far as I can tell, the last Release Something was February 2009. We had something a little in the vein of this last year in May when ProgZmax set the mags topic to "Release Your Game" and the comp was clearly a great success - 6 entries in a MAGS comp is a great showing by anybody's standard, so the interest is clearly there.

That was over a year ago - perhaps it's time for another release something?

With no objections having arisen, I'm going to go and set the deadline for this activity as the 10th of July. You have one month to polish up your games/tech demos/demos/prototypes/vertical slices for release! Keep the sweet stuff rolling in guys, it's awesome to see!

So there. And I will also as a kind sir that I am, give you 2 things.
-Firstly, the link to the topic.
-Secondly an amazing GIF with (Almost) everything released. There are some games and demos in the topic, so check em out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gesundheit! gets ready to storm the App Store

Gesundheit, yes, that really promising game by Matt Hamill, has kind of abandoned the AGS platform, but will be released under publisher KONAMI for the iOS. The price is totally endearing for 40 levels of awesome. 1.99$

We can only hope that the game will eventually gain success and be ported for the PC. As for what happens to the AGS Build.. No idea.

Anyhow, here is Matt's personal website.
And below follows a trailer of sorts. Looks definitely worthwhile. I only wish I had an iPad/iPhone to get a chance to play this. I wonder if it's playable via Android Phones though.

And to quote directly the source of information: Gesundheit! is currently in review at Apple, and could be available on the App Store as soon as next week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1003 post blog retrospective

So, I've just been looking over the old AGS Blog's stats in Google Analytics. We're just short of 100000 pageviews since I turned Analytics on in early 2008. We average about 1500 visits a month but it all goes up and down. There's not really much of a yearly trend, however: its been gradually downhill since the 2009 peak. However, there's been a ton of new vistors in the last month or so, thanks to various exciting 1000-iverisary posts.

Especially thanks to residents of US, UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Greece, Italy and Finland who are my top 10 country visitors. Nepal, Greenland, Zimbabwe, etc. you visited once, please come back!

The referrers are as you might expect: Google, and the AGS forums at the top, and feedburner that manages the RSS feeds. Top search terms are also pretty unsurprising, although there are some very odd search terms that have been used only once!

And then the most popular posts. Well, the top 10s are very popular, as are the AGS Awards announcements. Interviews and reviews also feature highly and then there's the odd post about the walkcycle generator and tutorials on AGS. Also note that for volume of popular posts, Dual does proportionally better than me *sob*.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is this, I don't even..

well, Domithan decided to let's (somehow) play IT'S MY LIFE. A commercial AGS game of one week, and 30$ worth of money.

He's also gonna be doing some reviews of indie games, for Hardy Developer. So that's good. I really enjoy those. SO SHOULD YOU.

Anyhow, check out this almost 8minute let's play, of that game. Whatever it was.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview Part 16: STOP IGNORING ME I'M BEN F#@#@%^ JORDAN

I decided that instead of doing this the standard way, to do this the WEIRD AND RANDOM way. In sort, my way. So here, an unprecedented event in the online gaming community. That was my intended 1000th post. I have to say, thanks to SSH, for putting up with me. This is totally dedicated to him.


Thanks to Jonas Thiem for the Music and Sound.
And bicilotti for some feedback.

And Matt Frith, for being an incredible FRIEND. Cause all you need, is matt. Matt is all you need, really,

From my first post here, a true blast from the past:
"We've yet to work the final details, but we've agreed that as a slave must do, according to global slave rules, I'm obliged to post frequently, so that the followers and believers of the Ol'Mighty Super Scottish Hero, get their fun."

Linux love and pain

This review of Linux indies includes a couple of AGS games, although there are some comments on difficulties getting some to run.

Puzzlebots for $1.25

Over on Steam, you can enjoy Puzzlebots for the vast sum of $1.25. So hurry and give Dave your hard earned 5 quarters...

1000 Postiversary special: Celebrity Top 10!

Well, The AGS blog has hit post #1000 and thank you everyone who has been reading all this time and despite the recent decline in the size of my posts to just linking to other people's articles. At least Dual still actually writes stuff!

Anyway, I went to a number of AGS Celebrities and asked them for their top 3s. Actually, I asked for game series but only Ben304 actually read my message properly. And also some celebrities said they'd give me a list but then didn't.... you know who you are!

Without further ado, here's the list. We'll start with Ben "304" Chandler's list of his favourite series:

The series with the weirdest numbering ever, going 1, 2, 3, 0, 4, X1, H1, X2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3! This series features lots of pneumatic girls and a unique and colourful art style. Initially a spoof of Blade Runner of sorts, I think its evolved into entirely its own wonderful world.

Created by the Herculean efforts of two brothers, the great art, music and fun of these two games (one of which was deluxified) won them a huge swathe of AGS Awards that you can't argue with.

In the last year these 3 cracking games have come out and each one improves its gameplay from the previous. If only all AGS authors could generate such quality AND quantity. Maybe that's why Ben likes them...

Next is Mr Mark Lovegrove, also known as m0ds.

m0ds says "Not a point & click adventure, but a wonderful turn based game." The only person in the list to get two mentions, Technocrat gives us (in the same few months as he made Technobabylon, etc) a strategy game with multiplayer and single player options. Wow. It won 2 AGS awards: programming and best non-adventure.

m0ds says "I like remakes and I like sequels, and I like it when people take old AGS games and make new ones. Red Flagg remake doesn't take much time to play, and it's just loverly!"

m0ds says "Such a mellow, rewarding but easy to play game in the series. One of few AGS games I've sat and played with other people, and one of the few games I'm happy just to sit and watch other people play."

Mr Khris has also given his favourites:

Yahtzee's last "proper" adventure game, as it turns out. Opinions are divided, but Khris likes it. So did enough people to give it best story and best Non-Player Character AGS Awards. Good old Trilby was a very popular character in all his many games!

Bernie's mini MAGS masterpiece pleases on many many levels. Winner of best puzzles and best short game in the AGS Awards that year, unfortunately AGS database wrongly shows he didn't make other games, but he is also responsible for the fabulous Reactor 09.

Theodor Waern's game won a record number of AGS awards and is undergoing a remake in higher resolution ready for going commercial. Another example of some of the excellence that AGS can generate.

And everybody's favourite Monkey_05_06:

Nominating fellow-nominator Ben304, this is perhaps a lesser known one from the prolific Mr Chandler. Maybe its because its more of a story than a game, but a great little story at that. Ben's usually awesome and atmospheric graphics are there throughout.

Radiant's Crystal Shard studio produced this Harry Potter parody and voices were provided by the Mittens attendees one year. Quite tricky for some people, but has a place in the hearts of many.

Well, you can hardly have a top AGS game list without something from Yahtzee, Grundislav and... Dave Gilbert. Perhaps not the one you'd expect, but this AGS Team competition winner is an interesting precursor to some game mechanics from Dave's other games.

Some of you may have noticed that this is actually 12 games, not 10, but who's counting!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adventure Gamers: King's Quest III

Well, the title summarizes the whole deal. Anyhow, here's the review to the 3rd installment to the remakes by AGDI.

And here's a pretty picture. Perhaps the review will change your mind, and you'll finally get your hands on KQ III. Or perhaps you're not that hardcore.

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