Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dualnames Sees All

*With a small help this time

Well, someone has been working on a game. That is of course of no interest to you. And me to be fair. But what if the game looks gorgeous..and what if the man making it is Ghost? Yeah, Bjorn Ludwig, the ags Ghost, the man behind Once Upon A Crime. I'm sure Ghost almost thought I wouldn't see this..:D

Anyway, about the game, from what I can tell it looks awesome, and from what Ghost tells, it's a puzzle based game, and it has something to do with a very famous band. Earth Wind and Fire(and water) that is.

Speaking about all, what games in production I'm shitting my pants for?

1.Murran Chronicles 3: Beerdrinkers and Hellraisers

Well, poc301 is working on another installment of the series and without wanting to hit the other two with a bad comment this looks really better. He has taken some art tutorials and with a little help from the community he's GREATLY improved. Can't wait for this.

Oh, and since it's Indynames hunting the lost games..have another one:
Lemmy and Cpt.Binky are behind this..but luckily, there's something more beside the picture.

Note: Click on the picture for a little more info.

And another thing, something to play:
Haven't played it yet to form my own opinion, but people find it funny and Babar said it's really quite a fun too. So that does it.

But what game containing this can fail?

"It's got lots of nudity, some sexual bits, loads of gender swapping and even some humour too; So if any of these things offend (especially the last one), or you're a little on the young side (under 18) then this probably isn't for you (but you can use your own discretion)."

Blackwell TV

Well, Dave Gilbert has posted this tease for a secret project on the Wadjet Eye blog: draw your own conclusions!

Monday, April 27, 2009

JD's reviewed Coyote Episode 1: The Mexican.

MAGS in Spaaaaaaaace

Starring the ever handsome Wyz Hogwash, the illustrious first mate Miss OneDollar, and the scientist Dr Hellfire Strangepork. Our story begins when the games for this month's MAGS are up. Choose which space derelict you prefer and vote for its rescue from the oblivion of being a MAGS runner-up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another of those "Adventures are/aren't dead" articles...

Gamasutra have put their oar into the ring (don't you love mixed metaphors?) with this article on the resurgence of adventures. And they didn't even mention AGS. Bah!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sprite CopyJam

-18 April till the 25th:
Quite one of the most famous sprite jams, no wait, competitions I've seen throughout the years on the AGS forums. ProgZ has picked a cool theme and has given the chance to almost anyone that owns the simplest of paint programs to enter and probably even win.

1. Match (as closely as possible) the style of your character to that of Mike Higgins, well-meaning prankster hero. This includes the general anatomy (big head, smaller body) and dimensions. Adult characters or fatter characters can be bigger, just as younger/smaller characters can be smaller, so just use Mike as an average.

2. Camp outfits must either:
A. Match the design of Mike's uniform. You can add clothes over/under the uniform as long as it's clear that they are wearing the blues and reds.

B. Be a rival camp uniform (yeah, you can have an enemy camp full of goody-goodies or kids even worse if you want!) This is necessary for visual consistency, and both girls and boys at the camp wear the same colors!

3. Create a character that would logically fit into the 'Camp Copycat' mold: anything from an animal mascot sidekick to a variety of pals for Mike to a group of bullies, even Camp Counselors are allowed!

4. Color scheme should follow the original but it is not required. Different skin tones, for instance, are allowed. There is no set palette aside from approximating the colors of his uniform so you are free to experiment.

5. Name your character and give him/her a short description so we know where he/she fits into the Camp Copycat universe!

6. The style has been kept rather simple and color-lite so many people can approximate it, but if you're having trouble don't give up! I still want to see your contribution, and this competition is about fun -- don't forget that -- so have fun!

Summing all up, make either Friends that appear as Mike or enemies...I've included my favorites..(Sniper? Hilarious..). The image on the left is a courtesy of SpacePirateCaine(:P)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AGS on Xbox?

Well, awesome XAGE developer Clarvalon has written a thing for the Xbox adevnture engine under development that can import AGS projects. Yes, that's right, you can load up your AGS game in the XAGE engine and make it available on Xbox. Those of you begging for an AGS port to another platform can faint in excitement now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trail mix

Woo! Convergence trailer!

Loominous expectorum victoria!!!

Well, it appears that Loominous (Enc.Knowledge: Marcus Kruppa, widely known as the man that composed the theme for Legend of Leitor's Edge) has done it again. As far as it seems at least. With a theme of microcosm on the current background blitz contest, we're back at praising his skills.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ben's box blasts others away

Well, I was a bit late updating the Pick of the Month for April but finally, your poll votes have counted. Not only did Ben get first place but second too for the best game of the year so far. Too cool for school!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You got April,June,July and August fool...

Quoting from Red Dwarf, it seemed that the forums will always thrive on this day of year. Promising to myself not to fall for anything this year, I almost made it.

Anyway, apart from Dave's Gilbert joke on the post just below, the others were:

A glorious attempt to tease us, and quite one of the most well done. He didn't only said the game was done, lying about it, but he even gave a link to it. A working link. A working link, till it makes you ask for hints..Well done man. Hopefully someday this won't be a joke. A link that might still work here.

-Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy:
How good is a joke, if you don't make yourself one? It was about to be payback time from last year, so I created a little bit of mayhem, but sort of made sure people would get it. Most of them seemed to be really pissed when they did...Apologies again. The original link to the 24(42 flipped) game is here.

Abominations By Sektor13.
Probably the best carried out joke. It literally came out of nowhere, and we'd fall for it for weeks without even noticing. Shame because the game looked really good. And I must say I'm a fan of his games anyway. Yes I do.

Last but not least, a sort of failed ,because the author couldn't wait to say "In your face", attempt to joke the day.

-Blacky McDarko - The Epic Adventure To Find a Lost Haggis:
Indieboy couldn't wait for a longer while, but he had an ingenious idea on how to cause frustration. The game (still in production I swear), is about a scotchman (not SSH), that is going to use ingenious ways to solve puzzles..