Monday, June 28, 2010

Game Review: Polly want a Crack-er?

Last night I spent some time playing this game by R. Michalski, famous for Downfall. Having actually the chance of talking a lot with him, he told me that he released this game, and I actually will be honest, I didn't bother to play it.

The story starts with Lucas Zerko (you) losing your dad and parrot by a cult. You don't really care about your dad being dead, but more about your parrot being kidnapped, so your quest starts to find your friend Grim, and have him help you out. The whole town is one hell of a bizarre characters, all of them greatin my honest opinion.

The graphics have a charm and the animations mostly get by. The music and ambient sounds work rather well for me, and I loved the usage of some songs. The enjoyable factor is great especially if you're into Nirvana, Fool's Garden, Raemonn, Coldplay. The writing and dialogues will definitely appear to be rather crazy and random, but damn, the innuendos I could catch made me laugh badly.

The randomness and crazyness is where this game actually excels, and the very reason why I suggest it. It's also the only horror comedy you'll ever see from the author. It's not the best game around, but so far its number 1 in my list of AGS games for 2010. It lasted 1-2 hours top, but its very enjoyable, and the puzzles have a certain logic (even in crazy ways).

So yes, stop crying that you can make better games, and Go play it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kickstart(er) My Heart

VinceXII or Vince or VinceTwelve back a while, started a donation thing offering the following:
  • Never-before-seen screenshots
  • Never-before-heard music tracks
  • Some sneak peaks at awesome character animations.
  • An amazing wallpaper
  • A special video!"
With the help of Kickstarter, and those of course that pledged he got a fair amount that helped him pay some of his errands. Now you probably go boo! But just wait till you see a screenshot.

*Drum Roll*
One offer says this: For a 15$ Dollar or More, you can download the game for free when it's out!!!
And this time you can use the ol'PayPal account of yours!

More on the offers and certain info can be found at the XII Games Blog.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Panel poll

My commenter's wishes are my demands. Sometimes. New poll up on the fairness of the review panel. And I don't mean how attractive they are, as we all lust after Progz and LFish.

Free Google fonts

You may already know about these, but Google have some open-source fonts visible here and you can download the TTFs here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Up against the Wall-E!

If you want some insight into the making-of the Wall-E fangame that recently came out for MAGS, then check out the Hardydev article on the same!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Knock knock joke time

Many of you will be fans of Doctor Who, I guess and may have heard of the free BBC adventures taht are coming out. Rock Paper Shotgun give a kinda-review-kinda-playthrough. Seems that its OK, apart from the puzzles which are very annoying.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry for not posting more, dudes. Too busy IRL just now! And now Dualnames has gone off on one... ;)

Anyway, thanks to Dual for making there's at least one post a month and meanwhile, Dave Gilbert's been posting some of his programmer art and a sneak preview of a future game... kinda.


Well, it's been bloody itching me the last few days quite a lot. Perhaps this should go on my personal blog, or on the gen-gen, but I rather have it here for reasons that don't really matter into being explained.

I've noticed that for the first time in 4 years I've been part of this community, the forums have been split. And for no reason.

-There are those who post and those who don't.

That's reasonable and it's the least thing that bugs me to be honest. However for the first time I can count the guys that post. And most of them are just the IRC guys. The IRC has grown and it's very active, but if those guys didn't post, the AGS forums would be seriously inactive for days. And that wouldn't happen the last June! I know Pumaman is terribly busy, and the times are just feels so weird.

-There are those who support the panel and those who think it should go down.

For those who support the panel, I think you're great guys, for those who don't, I'm seriously wondering.Would you bloody protest if you had 4 cups? or 5? And you were 100% sure you shouldn't have it? Why do you say that it's wrong getting a one man review on a game, when you a) don't protest when a site reviews your game well , b) you know that every panelist expresses his opinion when a rating is decided.

-Icey Games,Goldfish, Harg

Both of those guys would have been banned in terms of IP with half of their deeds in any forum. Why are we just expecting them to just go inactive? Goldfish went inactive, so did Harg(though some action was taken here), what's with IceyGames? Why do we let him roam and break the rules that we all know for any other member it wouldn't have taken a second thought to take some action?

-Can anybody share his opinion on what happened on August 2009?

After that month all the forum regulars have stopped posting.

These are my personal opinions, and have nothing to do with SSH, Leon and the BlueCupCritic.This is probably irrelevant to the AGS blog, but I respect its followers enough to post it.