Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Extender functions

One of the coolest new features of AGS 3.0 is the extender function. Previously, if you wanted to use a function to, say, make your character look at someone before saying their line (e.g. in a 3-way conversation) you could script it manually each time:

cFred.Say("Hello Wilma");
cFred.Say("Hello Barney");
cFred.Say("How are you, dear");

Which gets tedious after a while, so you make up a function:

function FaceAndSay(Character *speaker, Character *facing, String what) {
// in script header
import function FaceAndSay(Character *speaker, Character *facing, String what);
FaceAndSay(cFred, cWilma, "Hello Wilma");
FaceAndSay(cFred, cBarney, "Hello Barney");
FaceAndSay(cFred, cWilma, "How are you, dear");

But what looks even better is:

function FaceAndSay(this Character *, Character *facing, String what) {
// in script header
import function FaceAndSay(this Character *, Character *facing, String what);
cFred.FaceAndSay(cWilma, "Hello Wilma");
cFred.FaceAndSay(cBarney, "Hello Barney");
cFred.FaceAndSay(cWilma, "How are you, dear");

So, you are, in effect, adding a new method to the Character class. This is a noddy example, but it can really lead to much nicer code.

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