Monday, April 30, 2012

The new AGS website is here!

Head on over to and see. Some other things have been happening, too: now anything on redirects to the site (if you don't see it, make sure refresh the browser page or clear the cache).

Also, user map is back on the forums, AGS wiki is moved to and many other hidden gems. Don't forget to update your avatar to be the new big ones supported!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AGS Awards Coming Up

The AGS awards are coming up, just around the corner. GO VOTE, and then prepare for the irc ceremony. I believe the ante has been raised a lot this year, so you better stop bothering with your real lives and stuff, and focus on the AGS Awards.

Friday, April 13, 2012

AGS about to get a new website.

Remember when you were young? When we had all those cool gadjets like the ViewMaster? That's when I first remember hearing about AGS web getting an update. Kidding aside, CJ has set his mind on it. Oh, and he has also left AGA responsible on forum issues we've all been getting lately.

So, blaming AGA now, actually works. Also make sure to thank AGA for some new changes in the forums.
-  4 new subforums/boards (Bug Reports, Engine Development, Editor Development, Recruitment)
- Some changes in the order and categorizing of the forum boards, that are too complex to list.
- Beginners Questions merged in Technical Support as a child board,
- Popular Threads renamed to The Rumpus Room

The forum is looking good.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vote in the Awards!

Well, this never would have happened so late when *I* was in charge, but hey, not everyone can be as awesome as me. But leaving the hard truths behind, the AGS Awards voting is now open, so play all the nominees and then place your votes.

Meanwhile some bloke called Dualnames has been enhancing the game-cum-IRC-client-cum-live-awards-ceremony, so be prepared for the best ceremony yet!

Mr Berlusconi asked if we can link to his what-time-do-you-want-the-ceremony thread, so... link.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock, Paper, Shotguns Da New Guys. Literally.

The famous reviewing, previewing, gunslinger website, has taken out all the bullets it had on Wadjet Eye's latest. Admittedly certain points are true.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Honey we're famous nooooowwww!"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has taken more interest in AGS over the years, especially after the release of the highly acclaimed Gemini Rue, and is now featuring a short of interview-article, delving into the unknown worlds of AGS.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scottish super heroe claims to have never left blog. Greek calls it an April Fools

(The whole thing about SSH leaving was an april's fools, apologies in advance.)

                           (In case you didn't get it.)
 In the meantime, I've played a preview build of Resonance, so a review is due tomorrow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The state of the AGS Forums

As much as I hate rantings, I find this day to be a bit depressive on the state of the AGS forums. Lately the downtime and constant delays have turned an otherwise working home for the forums, a bit of a mess. I don't mind that much and I understand the reasons behind the slowdown and occasional downtime of said forums, but it has to be said that March of 2012 was an all-time low in forum activity.

Therefore one has to wonder, what lead to such lack of interest. I am highly aware of the professionalism that has increased by a whole lot, during these past years in AGS, and that has bear fruit in games that have been embraced by other communities besides the agsers, still however the forums appear to be a black spot. I know I always bring such matters up, but I'm not being sad or nostalgic this time, I'm just curious.

Also SSH has decided to temporarily let me under control of this blog for at least 1 year (!!!).

"Hey James,

I'm going to spend a year in Singapore for  business reasons, as my company is relocating me there. While I was packing my bag last night, this blog came to mind. As I will be gone for at least one year there, along with my family, I've decided to hand you administrative rights to this very blog. You seem to be maintaining it yourself after all. Just don't fill it with political discussions.


So I think it's time to perhaps do some nice changes. Perhaps altering the layout a bit. I am thinking of perhaps putting some ad-sense stuff on the right, how do you guys feel about this?

Have a wonderful day.