Saturday, December 22, 2012


    Earl Bobby is Looking for a Loo is now FREEWARE! You can get your copy right here:
    Univert Games and LeWoltaire wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deck the Barn Runner with BETRAYAL

Its finally happened, the cow has flipped and gone to the dark side. The new Barn Runner game is made with (cover your ears, kiddies) GameMaker and not AGS.

In other game release news: GO GREY!

Primordial Super?

Wadjet Eye have released Primordia (don't forget to put it in the games DB, Dave) and its got some reviews:
More on the Wadjet Eye preview page...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You too can be like Billy Crystal!

Have you ever wanted to run an awards show? Think of it: the glamour, the glitz, the bribes! Well, thanks to connection problems the last time, Mr Bicilotti has decided it would be best to hand over the filth and corruption of the AGS Awards to someone more filthy and corrupt. If that fits you, then put your hat in the ring in the forum thread!

You too can be Project America's Next Top Idol Factor Talent Voice!

Releases, Reviews and something else beginning with R

Wow, busy times!

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Adventure Lanterns

September and October adventure lanterns are out, and they cover:

Sep: Summerbatch, Al Emmo+, Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass, and the August releases
Oct: AdventureX, September releases

October issue also covers Anna, but not the awesome AGS + Vince XII one :'(

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You AdventureXy Thang

AdventureX has become fully funded, so m0ds can now run off with the money and live in Barbados, although his invitation to Boris Johnston to join him was denied.

Podcast again

Mr Ben 304 and Mr Ben Jordan have come up with another episode of their fabulicious podcast. Listen or read about other people who did listen.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nettoyer le paddock!

Avez-vous toujours rêvé de pelleter du fumier de cheval? Pourquoi ne pas downloader de bon jeu Horse Park de Marion? Dans le jeu, vous pouvez créer des chaud, steamy stallion-sur-mare d'action et de faire de nouveaux chevaux. Maintenant, tu pouve envoyer ton beau spécimens des races équines et prendre grosse francs!

Or, go and play Marion's new horse game!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I see dead blogs! They don't know they're dead. They're everywhere!

If you want to dress up as your AGS role model (like the guy on the right) for evil pagan festivals that's fine. Or you may prefer to write a scary story and submit it to the writing contest!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Server woes

Continued AGS server problems have precipitated a discussion on the forums about the future of the server: change providers, go dedicated, etc. Head over and check it out, as the current contract is up in 3 months!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Give money!

Welcome to the latest way to enjoy adventures: AdventureX 2012. This adventurous meet-up will be in London in December if they can raise the spondulicks. Ali, m0ds, AGA, Azure and Spence are working to pull it together and there is a crowdfunding going on at indiegogo. Also, page on the facialbook. So, if you'll be in the UK in December, rush over now and sign away your hard-earned pennies!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AGS server is not down

The AGS website and forums have been transferred to a shiny new server.  Unfortunately a few days' worth of posts were lost in the shuffle.  Please see this thread for more detail.

EDIT: Andrew fixed Berian's weird thread link...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

AGS server is down

The AGS server is currently not accessible.  This is completely unrelated to the planned move to a new server, and will hopefully be resolved as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time for a drink, Gentlepersons, please

Ben, Dan, Dave and Janet (Size 5 aka Zombie Cow and Wadjet Eye Games) are inviting you for a sesh down t'pub on 18th September. Go and down some pints with these fine folks! See here and here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Captain D and the Luggage

Some of you may have read CaptainD's blog. Some of you may have played his Demo, but have you tried doing both at the same time? You can nearly do it with the experience that is his game dev blog.

So, enjoy the Pratchetty experience that is his GIP, with the Demo and then read his blog, and then give him all your money, with a 10% cut for me.

Remember the Al Emmo?

Himalaya,  the militant wing of AGDI, have put forward an enhanced version of their first commerical game Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine on Steam Greenlight. If it gets enough votes, it may be accepted. But the key thing for me is this:
"The major changes will be completely new Al Emmo character vocals (by new voice actor) and 2D animated cutscenes to replace the original 3D ones"
"You probably heard the old Al Emmo character voice, which was quite whiny and high-pitched. His new voice is much lower, but still retains the essential comical qualities."
So, finally we're getting rid of the whiny voice! Woohoo! Its one of the things that put me off the original. For full details, and to vote, head to their Steam Greenlight page.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mysterious doublefine traffic source

Any blog readers who are also doublefine supporters, please can you tell me why I'm getting lots of links from this page: It doesn't work for me... and I'm curious!

AGS server move

Mr AGA has announced that a new server will be hosting the AGS site and forums soon. We're trying to set up access for him to the blog to keep us all updated on the progress on this, but be prepared for a little downtime in mid-September.

Sock puppets

Accusations of sock puppetry fly around the forums, so its time to confess: I am Dualnames's sock puppet: I agreed to exchange being his sock puppet in exchange for the entire value of the Greek economy some years ago, which caused the current global economic crisis. But no more! I shall throw off his shackles and pay back the debt!

If you want the real story, check out the forums, but lets hope it all ends up amicably!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lady Grapefruit

Those of you who might wish to support a sometimes-AGSer in her quest to generate a stop-motion musical indie detective adventure may wish to support Deirdra at indiegogo. She's currently just short of 50% of her target! By the way, Lady Grapefruit is what "Dominique Pamplemousse" means. Kinda.

Sounds floating across the ether

If you'd like to listen to Mr AJA and his team of intrepid game creators talk about Barely Floating, part of the Cummerbund, then head to this thread in the forums or watch below...

California Dreaming

All the forums are brown
and the blog is grey
I went for a walk
on a summers day

I'd be safe and warm
if I was in L.A Anaheim
California Dreamin'
on such a winter's day

Mittens has begun in Cally Forn-I-A

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blue Cup Tools

Not sure if myself or Jim posted about the son-of-podquest here, but we're already up to episode 8 of the BlueCupTools podcast. Download, enjoy, and then play at max volume on your stereo so your neighbours also learn about AGS.

Wadjet Eye's next game

Wadjet Eye have officially announced Primordia, their next release, in conjunction with Wormwood studios: but this game has had a GIP thread on the forums for a while, so visit the official website, but also take the history lesson on the forums!

Alternate XII

Mr Vincent Wesselman, of Resonance, Anna and Linus Bruckmann fame, has been taken in for interview by the feds. Something about an explosion... But, he's also been taken for questioning by Alternative Magazine Online. Which is much more entertaining!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Benedict Summerbatch

What do you get if you cross Mark Lovegrove with Sherlock Holmes, apart from some hot steamy videotape? Summerbatch! 5 new games on a pay-what-you-want basis and  hours of good, meaty AGS fun.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What's better than Ben 10?

Ben Jordan 8, of course! Mr Grundislav has finally released the final chapter of the much acclaimed Ben Jordan series and finally we will see if Snape will kill Voldemort, or something like that. Join the discussion in the forums, or go the the game page for more. So, can anyone spell denouement?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Vote results

Well, according to the poll on the right, results are obvious. You all demand the return of the EZBOARDS. Obviously. Alright, so let's work on that direction. All together.

In AGS news, Summerbatch is just around the corner.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Big Sheep.

Davy Malay, famous for his amazing dressing style and his dedication to this community, and the RON universe, has started an indiegogo campaign.

Link is here

Go check that game, and if you can, throw some dollars his way - time is running out.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where have all the blog posts gone..

Well, yeah, this is more of a "please stick around" kind of post. Everyone's a bit busy around here, I've seen SSH run in marathons, and I'm trying to get a paper done. We're almost very much there, Ponch. In the meantime I've been trying to focus on the amazing Pixel Hunt, a band consisted entirely out of AGS members.

I believe we also have a myspace lying around, but f#$^ myspace. On more news about AGS, Resonance is out, blowing everyone's mind. I hope the sales are reflecting that. So, Resonance, ladies and gentlemen.

A particle physicist's mysterious and spectacular death sparks a race to find his hidden vault and claim his terrifying new discovery. The player will take control of four characters whose lives become entangled in the search for the scientist's vault. They will have to learn to trust each other and work together to overcome the obstacles in their way and to keep this new and powerful technology out of the hands of a dangerous organization.

Screenshot goodness right below:

  • Four playable swappable characters
  • A twisting, riveting storyline
  • Full voice acting featuring Logan Cunningham (Bastion)
  • Unique long-term and short-term memory systems
  • Cheat death by rewinding time
  • A unique and intuitive interface
Team members:
  • Dave Gilbert - Voice Acting directing
  • Janet Gilbert - Programming
  • Nauris Krause - Backgrounds
  • Nikolas Sideris - Music and Sound
  • Shane Stevens - Characters and animation
  • Vince Twelve - Design, programming, story


This blog is admittedly very Dave Gilbert-friendly. Have a wonderful day, reader, and we'll talk more.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Mr Grundislav and Mr 304 have got together and made a baby. A beautiful audio baby about making animations and other exciting stuff. And the autodoc that delivers this squidlike proto-alien is a NEW POSDCAT! There's also a forum thread on this exciting topic! Now, go and enjoy the sexy fusion of floridian and australian accents.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boobs Need Your Help.

This a post from the forums, from a very dear friend of mine, named m0ds (lol). He's working on promoting his own game, and needs 2000$, the pledge so far has been around 1800, so he's missing very little and there are less than 20 hours left. If anyone would bother to read and spare a few dollars it would be lovely.

You can contribute to help us have it ready by early 2013 (if the target is met), and this also acts as a method to pre-order as the game is commercial... be a sexy hero of some kind, help us out!

It started as a joke idea from an early AGS discussion about adult games being made in AGS. It's been on a long journey but finally the production is moving along steadily now, enough to finally warrant a games in production thread, after a good ten years without one.

Kinky Island is an adult adventure in which you control Joey, a naive and sexually frustrated young dude - transported to a glorious tropical paradise where all his frustrations can be answered, providing he's not being distracted by it's uncanny similarities to a point and click adventure, like Flight of the Amazon Queen or something.

You may have played the demo in which case you'll remember it once looked like this:

Well now, thanks to the guys who saw an adventure game demo plea and 'Saved Kinky Island' have upgraded it in all respects to make it look more like this:

There are various thrilling places to explore on the island, including a path, a forest and a tree stump. We have however had to use some pretty mundane places like a pleasure beach, fairground and palace. See for yourself how old locations have been brought to life, and realize just how 2D the ones you've not seen yet will be when it's done:

Old gift shop

New gift shop (WIP)

We are aiming to have it ready by roughly this time next year, that gives us about a year to get it finished. Yes, there is nudity, yes, there is bad langauge - but it's not all gratuitous sex. The game is a parody on point & click adventures and is heavily inspired by games like Amazon Queen and Teen Agent. The humor is silly and quite frankly the plot is ludicrous, but it's a comedy romp that I hope will appeal to both sexes albeit MADE BY A BUNCH OF BLOKES.

Get some awesome stuff in the game

All that's left to say that as progress is made the thread will be updated, and thanks for reading and showing an interest. Much appreciate everyone who played the demo and have kept up the hype for the game. I know it has inspired me and I hope this thread will help motivate the other team members, I'm sure you'll agree they're really making something epic out of a game that could go either way... because it's bi. Bi Screen7, I'll have you know.

Lotte, who is like Trinity from the Matrix, only called Lotte, and not Trinity, cos that would be copyright infringement

LeChuck, who is like LeChuck from Monkey Island, but is actually LeChuck from Kinky Island. Please don't sue

And that about sums it up. An important answer to an important question is, yes this will cost a little bit to buy. I assure you the game will have plenty of treats for point & click fans, providing you can get over the fact there are some pixelated boobs in the game. Thank you for reading, and see you on Kinky Island! No matter how stupid and impossible that phrase may be.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's a catastrophy!

With kittens.

An AGS engine based game by Liquid Nitrogen, where kittens are missing. It's designed mostly by a nine year old gal, with the help of her father, which adds up to cuteness. So, stop reading this and clickity click this to take you to the game.

Also read some few words from IndieGames dot com. Ms Cassandra Khaw namely.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pre-ordering open on Resonance

Leading up to the June 19 launch, Resonance can be preordered in both digital download and physical formats:
  • is offering a digital preorder brimming with goodies that include desktop wallpapers, a digital poster (suitable for printing), the game's MP3 soundtrack, a "behind the scenes" video, and video developer diaries. GOG's Resonance download, available on June 19, will be DRM-free. The regular $9.99 price is discounted 10% to $8.99 during the preorder period. For more details, visit:
  • Wadjet Eye Games is offering a limited edition disc version that will only be available for purchase during the preorder period. The disc version will be packaged in a collectable box with a printed Resonance poster. The MP3 soundtrack and other digital goodies will be included on the game CD. The $24.99 price includes worldwide shipping, and customers who preorder the limited edition will also get free access to a Resonance download on launch day. For more details, visit:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the bundle time of the year.

Well, let's face it, we all secretly adore that trend that took over the forums during 2010. A random combination of words, approved by ddq, and created by Snake was taken over by Ben304 and into a game, that created a RON-like universe.

So Ponch, a mastermind behind bundles (or so I keep hearing), has decided to force me to finish my paper and also has forced two other forumites to make a 3-game bundle.

The Oceanhumble Dennisbundle

First up, Ghost serves up a peek into Dennis' childhood:

Then Ponch kills some time with Ray in The City:

And finally Ben304 takes us to strange new places:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New poll

For the first time in ages I've added a poll: this one is on the redesign of the AGS website and forum. Let us know your thoughts!

AGS Awards results out

So the awards ceremony ran over the weekend and the results are out. Pretty good night for Wadjet Eye games (who have also just got approval for Resonance to head to Steam) with Blackwell Deception and Gemini Rue walking off with a lot of awards!

You can read the IRC log of the ceremony here.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Resonance Preview: Mind=Blown

Alright, I'm going to start right ahead on the important statements that need to be said. As a person I get overexcited over anything. That usually raises my expectations exponentially. Usually they are never met. Resonance is the exception to that rule. A game fueled till about a year with the sheer determination of its members, is now under the hands of Dave Gilbert.

I've personally played the demo handed to me via e-mail, so you're in luck. I can't tell if the game is fantastic or great or awesome, even though I probably should. But it has all the potentials to surpass the huge legacy Gemini Rue created, and put AGS and of course its team, in the mouths of simply everyone.

Graphically wise the game looks astonishing. The animation is very fluent and the character sprites are drawn by Shane Stevens in a way that they blend almost perfectly with the background art. As for the backgrounds themselves, they are undoubtedly amazing. A terrible amount of detail has been put into them, and they all glow a majestic feel, with their vibrant colors and shapes. The sound and music are composed by a fellow greek, Nikolas Sideris. The melodies have a bladerunneresque feel to them and fit every scene better than perhaps they were designed to be.

The story, that I'd prefer not to bother with any detail or at all for spoilers sake, and the dialogs have been co-written by the whole team, mostly by Vince Twelve, and are my favorite aspect about this game.

Every line feels natural and well delivered by the voice acting. After playing for about 30 minutes, I realized I haven't skipped a single dialog, which is totally unlike me. The game offers many choices that made me feel, as if I was living the story/character.

You have to be a fool to overlook Resonance. And a complete and total one at that.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ceremony is Closing in

Well, since the ceremony is closing in, you should let bicilotti know. Click here and vote when you are available. Ideally send a fat check to the italian mob.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The new AGS website is here!

Head on over to and see. Some other things have been happening, too: now anything on redirects to the site (if you don't see it, make sure refresh the browser page or clear the cache).

Also, user map is back on the forums, AGS wiki is moved to and many other hidden gems. Don't forget to update your avatar to be the new big ones supported!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AGS Awards Coming Up

The AGS awards are coming up, just around the corner. GO VOTE, and then prepare for the irc ceremony. I believe the ante has been raised a lot this year, so you better stop bothering with your real lives and stuff, and focus on the AGS Awards.

Friday, April 13, 2012

AGS about to get a new website.

Remember when you were young? When we had all those cool gadjets like the ViewMaster? That's when I first remember hearing about AGS web getting an update. Kidding aside, CJ has set his mind on it. Oh, and he has also left AGA responsible on forum issues we've all been getting lately.

So, blaming AGA now, actually works. Also make sure to thank AGA for some new changes in the forums.
-  4 new subforums/boards (Bug Reports, Engine Development, Editor Development, Recruitment)
- Some changes in the order and categorizing of the forum boards, that are too complex to list.
- Beginners Questions merged in Technical Support as a child board,
- Popular Threads renamed to The Rumpus Room

The forum is looking good.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vote in the Awards!

Well, this never would have happened so late when *I* was in charge, but hey, not everyone can be as awesome as me. But leaving the hard truths behind, the AGS Awards voting is now open, so play all the nominees and then place your votes.

Meanwhile some bloke called Dualnames has been enhancing the game-cum-IRC-client-cum-live-awards-ceremony, so be prepared for the best ceremony yet!

Mr Berlusconi asked if we can link to his what-time-do-you-want-the-ceremony thread, so... link.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock, Paper, Shotguns Da New Guys. Literally.

The famous reviewing, previewing, gunslinger website, has taken out all the bullets it had on Wadjet Eye's latest. Admittedly certain points are true.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Honey we're famous nooooowwww!"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has taken more interest in AGS over the years, especially after the release of the highly acclaimed Gemini Rue, and is now featuring a short of interview-article, delving into the unknown worlds of AGS.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scottish super heroe claims to have never left blog. Greek calls it an April Fools

(The whole thing about SSH leaving was an april's fools, apologies in advance.)

                           (In case you didn't get it.)
 In the meantime, I've played a preview build of Resonance, so a review is due tomorrow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The state of the AGS Forums

As much as I hate rantings, I find this day to be a bit depressive on the state of the AGS forums. Lately the downtime and constant delays have turned an otherwise working home for the forums, a bit of a mess. I don't mind that much and I understand the reasons behind the slowdown and occasional downtime of said forums, but it has to be said that March of 2012 was an all-time low in forum activity.

Therefore one has to wonder, what lead to such lack of interest. I am highly aware of the professionalism that has increased by a whole lot, during these past years in AGS, and that has bear fruit in games that have been embraced by other communities besides the agsers, still however the forums appear to be a black spot. I know I always bring such matters up, but I'm not being sad or nostalgic this time, I'm just curious.

Also SSH has decided to temporarily let me under control of this blog for at least 1 year (!!!).

"Hey James,

I'm going to spend a year in Singapore for  business reasons, as my company is relocating me there. While I was packing my bag last night, this blog came to mind. As I will be gone for at least one year there, along with my family, I've decided to hand you administrative rights to this very blog. You seem to be maintaining it yourself after all. Just don't fill it with political discussions.


So I think it's time to perhaps do some nice changes. Perhaps altering the layout a bit. I am thinking of perhaps putting some ad-sense stuff on the right, how do you guys feel about this?

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blonde Ladies.

The amazing creator of the Cat Lady thought it'd be nice to give as an in-game view of what the hell has he been doing the last 3 years. Personally, there are some images with him on a beach along with a martini and a beautiful blonde that are missing, but till I get my hands on those, you'll have to see related to the game.