Thursday, March 20, 2008

The fickle public

It's amazing what is popular in this blog. My most visited post seems to be the one reviewing the games so far in 2008. That's understandable. However, second comes my post on how I have more Americans reading this blog than any other nationality. Why do people want to read that tiny little post? Why has it got 3 comments, when far more informative ones have none? Not to mention the ones where I actually ask people to comment. Ah, the fickle public.

I mentioned this to the illustrious behemoth of AGS game design, Dave Gilbert, and he said that the most visited stuff in his blogs are the entries related to poop in some way. That is worrying on many levels. Perhaps he got linked to on a bunch of popular (poopular?) poop blogs? Anyway, let's make his problem worse with this link...


  1. My most commented blog post is about boobs.

    (P.S. This is Squinky.)

  2. Just because we don't comment about the more informative ones, doesn't mean we don't appreciate them! I see all these codes and go "aaargh" but if I ever need reference to something that I've read about on here, I'll know where to go!

    In other words, just because poop is popular, it doesn't mean we want to see a blog just filled with poop :). The technical blogs are great, keep em coming!

    ...did someone say boobs!?

  3. Yay, my fishing for compliments worked! ;)


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