Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More game releases

Enough time has passed since my first summary of games that a whole new pile has come out, so here's a quick review of what has popped up since:

Which Witch

This is apparently an old game, retrieved from the attic in Flog It style. It has Anime style graphics and presents a simple get-past-the-bad-guy puzzle quite nicely.

Lazytown: The New Kid

First Bjork, then Lazytown, have promoted Iceland as being a place from whence slightly odd things emanate. If you (or your kids) are a fan of Sportacus, Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy and so on, then try out this first effort from "Ultra Magnus" (with a name like that, perhaps its Magnús Scheving himself?). It all proves that it's a piece of cake to make an AGS game.

Lone Case 3: Showdown

Now, the observant may notice that LC3 is out after LC4. Perhaps Dualnames has followed the Yahtzee school of releasing games in a nearly entirely random order as to their place in a series? We join our returning hero Dave Dell as he is unfrozen from his cryogenic state (a la Demolition Man) and he tackles the challenges and secrets of the futuristic society in which he awakes. And how DO you use the three shells anyway?

Far Nowhere

This game looks like it plays like French art house cinema: that could be good or bad depending on your taste. Make sure you download the English translation for the full subtitular art house experience in this baguettey western. (Geddit - like spaghetti western, but French, see.. oh, never mind)

Diamonds in the Rough

Atropos Studios produce their first commercial game. You have to order the CDs on their website, or you can download a demo. There's a certain Heroes/Jumper vibe to the plot by the look of things, so fans of those may want to take a look. I have a credit, which I think is for my Save/Load GUI module used in the game, which was also used in Prodigal and Stargate Adventure.

Unintelligent Design

This March 2008 MAGS entry might offend some Creationists (perhaps it is meant to!) and seems to be the only MAGS entry this month entered into the games DB so far. The results aren't out yet, so we'll see what people think of it. Creator twin-moon also entered February's MAGS, so its good to see such a high work rate!

Jimson and the Jazz Crabs

Not yet in the games DB, this mildy surreal adventure through a world of cookie monsters, saxophonist crustaceans and trumpet-devouring whales is an intriguing first effort from sigbuserror.

RON: Rock - A True Story

Reality on the Norm gains another game about Rock music, pirates and bad jokes. So it should fit right in with the series...

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