Sunday, February 28, 2010

AGS Awards 2009 results

So, the best games of 2009 have been decided. Note that due to Dave not getting it in the games DB in time, Blackwell Convergence unfortunately wasn't eligible this year. Well done to bicilotti for his awesome hosting.

Anyway, Time Gentlemen Please, The Marionette and McCarthy chronicles all took 4 awards each, TGP getting Best Game. Congrats Zombie Cow, auriond and Calin Leafshade. Shifter's Box took 2 awards and one each went to Frantic Franko demo, Death Wore Endless Feathers, Aeronuts, AGS 180 Darts, and Shi-la of the Sith. Innovation award was given to Steve McCrea and Darth Mandarb got the Lifetime Achievement. Congratulations to all. A log of the IRC channel is here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Biggest exposure yet!

Zombie Cow have made it to a REAL NEWS SITE! Not some wierd niche backwater for emo nostalgia addicts (no offense, ALL MY READERS!) . The British Broadcasting Corporation itself. Well done, guys!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For A Feast Full of Awards!

Well, lots of famous AGS personalities (not including me), will announce(including me) the winners of the 2009 AGS Awards (not including me).

And the list goes:

Dave Gilbert

Quite a team that bicilotti has assembled! There's a chance that a parallel skype room will run by me, so we'll see on that.

22:00 GMT is the time that the ceremony will start on the AGS IRC room, so get your MIRC ready and operational!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In a white room....

There's this very famous, catchy and awesome song by Cream. Cream is a very famous classic rock band that shared some of the glory of the scene back in the 70s. And they had nothing to do with AGS, till today.

Mr. Ferri, also known as Besh, is an italian chap famous already for his MouseGestureSystem and GridInventory modules, has really killed competition by using the Irrlicht game engine combined with AGS to allow easy-made, customizable, 2.5D AGS games.

Still, haven't explained what does Cream have to do with all have a look yourself, by playing the CharacterD3D plugin Demo

Visit and learn more about it, at the topic...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

People in goldfish bowls shouldn't throw stones

Well, if you like bile, rants and controversy, you should check out Goldfish's blog where he puts his side of the story after he was sorely oppressed by the evil AGS forum overlords for criticising the critics in the critics lounge, implying that JBurger cheated at the IGF, saying the AGS Awards were undemocratic and proclaiming that MAGS is dead because there have been two sole-entry months in a row.

Aggie two, two, two

The second annual Aggies from AdventureGamers have had their nominations announced and there's lots of love for Emerald City Confidential, Blackwell Convergence and Time Gentlemen Please.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Silent Pickings

New pick of the month: How They Found Silence

Deliberations have begun

This year's AGS meet-up is under discussion in this thread and looks to be set for Italy. Somewhere.

Meanwhile I have it from a good source (i.e. they forgot to remove my access to the sekrit forum) that deliberations have started on the lifetime achievement and innovation awards. If you want to know what they're saying about YOU then let me know and I'll give you my paypal details.

Video roundup

Here's some nice videos from AGS-land:

Borky Roo trailer:

AGS Doom-ish plugin!

Non-AGS, but a laugh:

Throw in the Towel

JD reviews H2G2 Towel Day from our very own Dualnames. And meanwhile, Dave Gilbert tells us why we should give him lots of money.

Democracy in action

The final vote for the AGS Awards is open, so play all those games and then cast your ballot.