Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I met CJ once!

Many moons ago, there was an AGS meet-up called Bonfirittens. Most AGS meets have their names derived from the original Mittens which was a random name conjured up by the surreal Captain Mostly, I believe. Anyway, a bunch of AGSers headed to exotic Sunderland for the annual celebration of politicians not being exploded known as Bonfire night. It was there I had what some might term a religious experience: I met Christopher Jones, esteemed author of Adventure Game Studio himself.

Some people may doubt this experience I had, as I don't actually have any photos of us in the same picture. Perhaps it was all in my imagination! I do have this of CJ and spleen chatting in Creed_malay's living room, but does it really prove that I met him?

Oh, I also have Ron Gilbert living in my garage and Jane Jensen stashed in my attic, but no-one is likely to doubt those.

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