Thursday, March 20, 2008

ChangeRoom bug!

AGS 3.0 is wonderful and all, but if you use the player.ChangeRoom function with the optional co-ordinates, the player moves to the new x and y co-ordinates then the room fades out and the new one fades in. Obviously, the player should change position after the fade out and before the fade in of the new room. So, Super Scottish Hero to the rescue! Here's a module that will fix the problem: all you need to do is replace all your ChangeRoom calls with ChangeRoomFixed and hey presto! It's especially easy now that AGS has a find/replace in the editor now.

Probably CJ will fix this for the next 3.01 beta, but meantime you can use this module in 3.01 and 3.0. Full documentation is on my site.

By the way, this module uses the extender function ability of AGS 3.0 to make the new function look as close to the built-in ChangeRoom as possible.

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