Monday, January 16, 2012


Ben304, has released a funny little game that he decided to call ^_^ like the famous emoticon. The game is about a Werebunny that wants to become a human again. It's a mix of Spore meets Buffy meets Cuteness meets The Nightmare Before Christmas meets ..well. Yeah.

Prepare to meet Witches and Vampires and some God. It took me around 35 minutes, but definitely well spent. The interactions are fantastic, you can bite things, you can headbutt things, you can do stuff!

Plus the Gnome liked it too. You can't get wrong with two people liking it!

DOWNLOAD THE BLOODY GAME (doesn't include blood)


  1. Besides, at least one friend liked it too, meaning that we've reached the staggering number of three whole recommendations! Unmissable!


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