Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bake Sale Games Announced

From the executive cow producer of the Bake Sale:

That's right! Against all odds, we, the unbearably sexy members of the mysterious Baker's Dozen, have delivered the thirteen morsels of gaming goodness we pledged to deliver (plus one more, because thirteen is unlucky).

There will be more info on the 20th day of January.

List of games follows:

9 Months In
by Tzachs, Noavana, and gameboy

Abner The Amazing
by poc301 and LocutusOfBored

Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese
by Ponch

Ben Chandler, Paranormal Investigator - In Search Of The Sweets Tin
by Grundislav

by Tenacious Stu

Escape The Barn
by Cat

Falling Skyward
by ThreeOhFour

by Kaputtnik and ThreeOhFour

Indiana Rodent and the Raiders Of The Lost Cheese
by Radiant

The Rail
by Technocrat

RAM Ghost
by Ghost

Red Volition
by Hofmeier

by Dualnames

Zombie Attack
by ShiverMeSideways


  1. Where are all the videos from Adventure XXX? I feel this blog isn't giving that particular mini-convention enough coverage. Or is C-Dog insisting that you keep it all hush hush? ;-)

  2. I just have posts so that they don't clash with the Bake Sale ones that much. I don't want to obscure anything over anything and it seems so many stuff are going on.


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