Sunday, September 4, 2011

Post of the Week: Why is this so awesome?

Grundislav or Francisco Gonzalez, whichever you like really, has released a trailer for the always upcoming Ben Jordan Case 8 - Relics of the Past.

Does it make me anxious? Yes.

It appears that Technocrat has some news about the fourth part of Technobabylon.
If you don't know what Technobabylon is, then shame on you, kind sir, and you're missing a great series of short sci-fi games.

It appears that Part IV will be a tad late, because the character art got some amazing and utterly fantastic overhaul. Well, cheers to that, you made me incredibly jealous.

And to finally conclude this, Radiant seems to be expanding his OROW entry, which to be utterly frank, is a waaaaayy better platforming game, than what made by yours truly. So I leave you with a screenshot, that if you click on, will get you to the game. SO CLICK ON IT.

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