Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Competition: Earl Bobby is looking for a loo

Earl Bobby is Looking For A Loo, is a very cheap game, only at 3$, by the creator of the amazing Second Face: The Eye of Geltz. It has been offered to this very blog, by some amazing Norwegian ninja, to hand out a free copy of it.

And we may do so.

So, if you want it, just kill qptain_nemo or otherwise, just leave a comment in this very post. I'll randomly pick one. We'll contact the winner with bounty hunters and pizza.


  1. Hey - just a moment dear Sir!
    You guys can use the next tree/bush - the loo is for the girls - so gimme, gimme, gimme! ;D

  2. If I were to receive such a magnificent example of toilet-based humour for my extensive collection, I would be mightily pleased indeed. Then again, I guess Ponch as the producer of my favourite AGS game franchise and the only man-cow (werecow?) in the adventure game business would be more than deserving of the dubious attentions of your random, pizza-wielding huntsmen.