Monday, January 16, 2012

Interview BakeSale: Radiant

Today we feature nobody short of famous and incredible, Radiant, the creator of the Tale of Two Kingdoms. He has too joined the bake sale with his game Indiana Rodent: Raiders of the Lost Cheese. A platforming game with amazingly fluent controls.

1) Why and how did you join the AGS Bake Sale ?

As soon as the first announcement was made, I thought that designing a game for charity would be a great idea; so I contacted the organizer (Ponch) and volunteered.

2) Talk a bit about your game (what is it about, how you came up with it).

My game is a platform game, because I like trying unusual things in AGS, such as using real-time character movement or in this case using it for a whole other genre of gaming. I've had the idea of doing this for over a year; back in August I first found the time to actually do it. The basic coding took about a week; refining it, designing more levels, and tweaking the difficulty level took some more time.

3) Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got yourself into game making in the first place.

I'm from the Netherlands, and have been designing games since I was twelve. Admittedly the first few weren't so good, but when I was a student I managed to get my first real game picked up and released by a commercial studio. I've since turned to freeware instead, because I prefer making games as a hobby than as a job.

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