Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bake Sale #1: Zombie Attack

Made especially for the 2012 AGS Bake Sale!

Zombie Attack is a top-down shoot 'em up inspired by '90s video games like Doom. The player must navigate treacherous levels, kill hordes of monsters and finally, defeat Satan and stop him from taking over Earth!

Zombie Attack relies on meta-content, so through more and more game sessions, the player will unlock new items, new difficulties, as well as new characters and achievements!

6 fully-randomized levels across 3 episodes (that can lead up to over 100 rooms!)
49 special items!
12 weapons!
14 monsters and 16 bosses!
7 playable characters!
10 achievements
Old-school midi soundtrack and even older-school sound effects!


Well, there goes the neighbourhood!

Use special items to bring fiery, and somewhat weird, death to your foes!

Travel to exotic new lands to meet exotic new people! And kill them with exotic new weapons!

So, all that's left is to ask yourself this: are you man/woman enough to kill Satan? Because if you are, you can do one of the following:

Download DEMO from AGS games page

Dualnames Comments: Having personally beta-tested this at a very early stage, prepare for nothing short of awesome. I promise.

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  1. IS there a way to change controls to Move with arrows and attack with WASD? I can't find it!


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