Friday, January 20, 2012

The blog design post

Hi folks, yes, I'm still alive!

So, you may have noticed the change in the blog design. Its pretty much straight from one of Google's templates, so if anyone has any suggestions for improvements, please stick them in the comments on this post.

One key thing is the wallpaper behind the blog. If anyone is interesting in putting together some kind of AGS-relevant background for the blog, please also let me know.



  1. I have a 1900 pixels wide screen and the picture starts to repeat and looks strange. Maybe stretch it to 1900 since it's blurred already.

    1. I think I like it minus the fact that you removed the FOLLOWERS thingamabob. Apart from that, it's quite better.

  2. Looking great and -frankly- can't quite wait for a shiny new background. Oh, and hey SHH!


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