Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interview BakeSale: Grundislav

Today we feature Grundislav, the creator of Ben Jordan: Paranormal Stud Series, and of course the ultra-spicy Backdoor Man. He joined the bake sale with his controversial game, about an Australian Tycoon (or so I've been informed), Ben Chandler, Paranormal Investigator - In Search of the Sweets Tin.

Thanks to Edmundito for spoting a mistake with the link.

1) Why and how did you join the AGS Bake Sale ?

Ponch and Ben304 both asked me. By "asked" I of course mean they offered me women, wine, and questionable naughty favors. How could I resist?

2) Talk a bit about your game (what is it about, how you came up with it).

My game is about loss, betrayal, friendship, and sheep wrestling. It is also a silly comedy full of dumb in-jokes that few will understand, but hopefully will make everyone laugh. The concept was suggested to me by everyone's favorite wood elf, CalinLeafshade, who said I should make a game called "Ben Chandler Paranormal Investigator." Since the real Ben Chandler has a sweets tin which he holds very dear, it seemed only natural to make this the MacGuffin of my silly game.

3) Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got yourself into game making in the first place.

I am Grundislav. Hello. I have made several games over the years, but quite frankly, they all pale in comparison to this latest masterpiece. In fact, I feel I may never be able to make anything as good as this again and will probably retire from game-making altogether. Sorry, folks!*

*this is not true...OR IS IT?

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