Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring has sprung, some n00bs have riz

Well, its time for another roundup of the most notable newbies since my last look. Since more than 250 people have signed up to the forums since then, please don't be offended if you're not in the list!


Fellow blogger S is making Witch Quest, which looks to have some pretty good artwork in it. The blog is a design journal, so can make some good reading.

The Awesome

Already an animation competition winner, is also making a game featuring a lady with a bare midriff which is never a bad thing.


This chap has already won a Sprite Jam, and a MAGS with A Walk in the Park, so looks like some good stuff can be forthcoming from his direction!

Ultra Magnus

Released the LazyTown game, proving that "its a piece of cake to make an AGS game". Also has waded into to the odd contraversial debate with some thoughful replies.


Parisian, artist, girl, lurker since 2003 and French/English translator for Far Nowhere. What more could one want in a n00b?

Mr T

Coder of the fab NES Quest and member of the A Team. What more could one want in a n00b? Oh, I said that already.

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