Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sad and unpredictable news: Howard Sherman's second attempt at getting people to pay a fortune to stay in a hotel/casino has failed, like the first one did. For further insight into this tragedy, a long rant about why he's not going to do a long rant about the Four Fat Chicks and Howard's unique insight into the US economy, head over to Howard's blog. It's even funnier than he intends it to be!


  1. In a perfect world, those would be some of the most amazing satirical pieces mocking the "so very self-important secret genius" ever written.

    Sadly, I suspect Ken is not in on the joke.

  2. With regards to the article on the Four Fat Chicks:

    What an incredibly hate and bile filled post.

    I am concerned that someone who thought that this would be an appropriate thing to post was the same fellow who was trying to organize a conference.

    Rather sad, really.

  3. I sometimes wonder if Howard's persona is just a front, or if he's just insane? By all accounts, he's very small time but his posturing and ranting makes gives him much more attention than he deserves. I know that my ears perk up at any mention of his name, simply to hear what he's done now. He's like a train wreck. It's awful, but I can't look away.

  4. Too much english, too much bile, too much Laphroig on my side (and I don't like reading sad stories)

    If the guy gambled with his own money and lost there's really no need to make fun of him.

    Anyway, I'll play his IF.

  5. Yeees, well, perhaps he could be kinda-oaky-ish. In a funny/sad way... Still, never thought AdventureCon was much more than either a scam or just plain hopeless.

    Loved the post though SSH :D


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