Saturday, November 19, 2011

We don't post as much as we used to.

Not wanting to sound any nostalgic, cause well I find all my earlier posts a bit mediocre and crazy, and all that. But, it's just a nice statistic. The blog has been getting the traffic that was considered unimaginable, in fact since 2010 or so, we have quantupled the total viewership.

Now onto a graphic. Roll the clip, Steven!

So do you think it's better that the posts are getting less and perhaps of bigger quality? I say perhaps, so take the sentence with a lot of salt. Also despite SSH isn't posting as much as he used, he still owns the record of most posts per month, and that is 54 and just on his own. That equals to about 2 blog posts per day.

I will also like to thank poc301 for increasing the viewership by a considerable amount. And increasing the content.


  1. Ex-nerd, thanks. If only I had the spare time. Meanwhile, I get back from vacation to find Dual has left 16 comments unmoderated! Dual, I thought you coudl approve comments now...

  2. So that's what it was! I was beginning to suspect Dualnames no longer welcomed my comments at the blog. ;-)

    Also, I see the forums are down again. :P

  3. I would rather quantity over quality. Let Dualnames post more, anything, penis size, anything.

    Man, i miss the forums.

  4. I am in the throes of final exams at school. Once finished, I promise to post more mindless drivel. Grad school is much more time consuming than undergrad. :(


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