Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview Part 16: STOP IGNORING ME I'M BEN F#@#@%^ JORDAN

I decided that instead of doing this the standard way, to do this the WEIRD AND RANDOM way. In sort, my way. So here, an unprecedented event in the online gaming community. That was my intended 1000th post. I have to say, thanks to SSH, for putting up with me. This is totally dedicated to him.


Thanks to Jonas Thiem for the Music and Sound.
And bicilotti for some feedback.

And Matt Frith, for being an incredible FRIEND. Cause all you need, is matt. Matt is all you need, really,

From my first post here, a true blast from the past:
"We've yet to work the final details, but we've agreed that as a slave must do, according to global slave rules, I'm obliged to post frequently, so that the followers and believers of the Ol'Mighty Super Scottish Hero, get their fun."

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