Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1003 post blog retrospective

So, I've just been looking over the old AGS Blog's stats in Google Analytics. We're just short of 100000 pageviews since I turned Analytics on in early 2008. We average about 1500 visits a month but it all goes up and down. There's not really much of a yearly trend, however: its been gradually downhill since the 2009 peak. However, there's been a ton of new vistors in the last month or so, thanks to various exciting 1000-iverisary posts.

Especially thanks to residents of US, UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Greece, Italy and Finland who are my top 10 country visitors. Nepal, Greenland, Zimbabwe, etc. you visited once, please come back!

The referrers are as you might expect: Google, and the AGS forums at the top, and feedburner that manages the RSS feeds. Top search terms are also pretty unsurprising, although there are some very odd search terms that have been used only once!

And then the most popular posts. Well, the top 10s are very popular, as are the AGS Awards announcements. Interviews and reviews also feature highly and then there's the odd post about the walkcycle generator and tutorials on AGS. Also note that for volume of popular posts, Dual does proportionally better than me *sob*.


  1. Congratulations dear AGS blog! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. I just cheat with keywords. I wrote the top 10 games post to attract traffic as we were mostly visited because of that and we didn't have the post.:-P

  3. I kept falling asleep reading all these long statistics in the post, but was happy to see some sort of cheers for Poland at one point. That made it worth the read.


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