Saturday, April 4, 2009

You got April,June,July and August fool...

Quoting from Red Dwarf, it seemed that the forums will always thrive on this day of year. Promising to myself not to fall for anything this year, I almost made it.

Anyway, apart from Dave's Gilbert joke on the post just below, the others were:

A glorious attempt to tease us, and quite one of the most well done. He didn't only said the game was done, lying about it, but he even gave a link to it. A working link. A working link, till it makes you ask for hints..Well done man. Hopefully someday this won't be a joke. A link that might still work here.

-Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy:
How good is a joke, if you don't make yourself one? It was about to be payback time from last year, so I created a little bit of mayhem, but sort of made sure people would get it. Most of them seemed to be really pissed when they did...Apologies again. The original link to the 24(42 flipped) game is here.

Abominations By Sektor13.
Probably the best carried out joke. It literally came out of nowhere, and we'd fall for it for weeks without even noticing. Shame because the game looked really good. And I must say I'm a fan of his games anyway. Yes I do.

Last but not least, a sort of failed ,because the author couldn't wait to say "In your face", attempt to joke the day.

-Blacky McDarko - The Epic Adventure To Find a Lost Haggis:
Indieboy couldn't wait for a longer while, but he had an ingenious idea on how to cause frustration. The game (still in production I swear), is about a scotchman (not SSH), that is going to use ingenious ways to solve puzzles..

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