Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some things are not meant to be missed.

Well, yes, SSH, definitely knows the way to title stuff. I'm trying hard to match his good titles, but his skills are unmatched. :P

Anyway, some really cool stuff came into my attention and it's time for you to see them!!

-Adventure Game Studio in a Danish way...

It appears that someone saw Apprentice II and spread the news. The news can be found here. I don't know how to say Hello in Danish, but well, I'm sure all of us, know how to watch a video..right? Click the image on the right.

-Vohaul Strikes Back in a Bar:

A small peak into this Space Quest Fangame, that I found really really cool. Check it out.

-I'm god, you look good.
This is a game in production but a french guy, from the forums, a newbie, that is really getting some interest with his cool drawing skills and very friendly attitude and a reference to a Lucas Arts Classic. The game as far as I know is about you being god, and a situation being screwed up. Click on the image to see the cool DOTT reference.

Last minute news:
In Wadjet Eye Games, I crossed upon this:

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