Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Noo noobs

Well, as usual, a handful of people are signing up for the AGS forums each day, although shockingly there were two days in January when not a single person signed up! But I looked over those who have joined in 2008 to see which of these newbies are posting a lot, this is who popped up:

Emerald is an Irish guy who has managed to average nearly 8 posts a day since he joined in early February. His post rate does match some of the notorious n00bs of the past, and he seems to have had some argument in the Competition and Activities forum. However, he does seem pretty well-read and his humour although hit-and-miss does at least hit sometimes. In fact, somewhat like me... and many great forumites posted 200 times in their first month, too, before they calmed down.

thebaddie is an Italian guy who has had a big argument with Radiant about what swap space means, but seems to be able to draw pretty well, although there is a somewhat phallic theme to some of his elephants and pumpkins.

egamer has popped up and dived into beta-testing Flux World.

Leon, a fellow-Brit, seems to have single-handedly taken on creating a walkthrough for every AGS game ever on his website, and is also helping out a lot in the Hints and Tips forum. Lots of respect to him for this.

hieronymous has released a demo version of House of Whispers, a pre-rendered 3D adventure that looks pretty good. So far has kept it to the Games in Production forum and not added it to the games DB, though. He apparently has made some "adult" games with AGS before but has not released them in case people were offended, but he says that he runs an adult art site, so no doubt half the AGSers will be running off there to get their cheapies.

So, thanks for your contributions to the forums so far, new folks, and I hope they continue to increase in quality! If I missed anyone, its only becuase you haven't posted that much yet: please don't be offended!

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  1. No mention of me? I'm disgusted. My ego wont stand another whipping like this.


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