Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writing for Adventure Gamers

Well, I've mentioned Adventure Gamers a few times now, so I suppose I better dedicate a whole entry to them. Back in 2006, Berian 'AGA' Williams asked me if I'd send in a sample bit of writing to AG's editor Jack Allin. Well, it seems it must have been passable, and despite the fact that Jack always points out a pile of glaringly obvious shortcomings in my articles which I have to fix before he lets them anywhere near the site, I've now managed to squeeze seven of the blighters past his beady eye. But don't read my stuff, look at all the other cool things!

It's things like Jack's conscientiousness, though, that make me certain of the fact that Adventure Gamers is the best adventure game website out there. As well as its high quality journalism and reviews, it also has a vibrant and eclectic forum community.

Although stuff I have written has got on the site, I think the easiest and most interesting stuff with my byline has been the two interviews I have done: most recently with Vince Twelve and before that with Dave Gilbert. These guys are both eloquent and fascinating and so did most of my work for me, especially as both interviews were conducted by instant messenger and I didn't even have to transcribe!

Well, I am bigging up the site quite a lot, and it seems a bit like an advert. Ho hum. Let's just hope that Marek (AG site founder, web designer and business guy) sends me a cheque. In the meantime, I'm playing through a game for another underground review and hopefully I can manage to get more than 2 articles out this year.

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