Thursday, February 28, 2008

More upcoming releases

OK, OK, so I missed your game out from my forthcoming games blog post! Look, its because it wasn't high enough up on the GiP forum, that's all... no offence meant!

Here's some I missed:

Blackwell Convergence: Dave Gilbert's 3rd game in the series has already had a great demo out (with fantastic rain effect, I must say) and although its release is a bit delayed because of Dave signing his soul away to a non-AGS SDK for future games, it should be out soon (and Dave still needs to pay the bills!). And it won't be the last in the series, either.

: Erin 'Ivy' Robinson's game, coded by Vince Twelve, looks like being another hit for the Spooks team. It's not the sequel (Skyward, which has been put on hold for now), but rather a game with lots of little robots running around. Lemmings meets Futurama? We'll have to wait and see!

Les Miserables
: Check out the teaser video for this fascinating game. It looks good, with minimalist art for characters on top of nice backgrounds and millions of NPCs milling around in the background. Anna meets A Tale of Two Kingdoms perhaps?

Quest For Glory 2 VGA
: Based on what's going on in the AGDI forums, it looks like this has entered beta testing. The beta testing forum members are saying it's great, but they would... lets hope, though, that this is finally the year that this one makes it out.

OK, now all the other people are going to email me to preview their games, too...


  1. Just looking at all the forthcoming AGS games impresses me... I mean the sheer quality of the thing... Oh, and Nanobots I'm pretty sure will be amazing!

  2. Aw come on, I know we all love AGS and stuff, but in the end, we're just making good adventure games. I wouldn't be surprised if the engine that Dave ends up making for his new game has a lot of the AGS concepts.

  3. Please assume all my posts have a healthy dose of sarcasm. I don't care what Dave uses as long as he keeps making awesome games. And he never had a soul anyway...


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