Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2008's AGS Games so far

Well, there's been some great and some not-so-great so far this year. The following ones really stood out for me:

Once Upon A Time
Well, when a new female game developers crops up at AGS, all the nerds go nuts over their game. However, since Ola, Ivy, Kinoko and now elentgirl seem to actually make some excellent games, it may be justified! You
guide our hero Jack through the imaginary Hidden Kingdom on his quest to rescue the princess from the dastardly Dragon King.

Sydney Treads the Catwalk

The sequel to last year's excellent Sydney Finds Employment sees our intrepid homeless hero dive into the world of fashion. So far, people seem to think its even better than the first game, so kudos to Ivan Dixon, Sydney's creator.

Once Upon A Crime

Way, way back there was an excellent MAGS called called Astranded. This game was written by an entirely different Ghost, despite what the games database may tell you. A new AGS author, also called Ghost, has produced a high-quality full-length anime-styled game featuring Little Red Riding Hood as a Private Eye. I already selected this as January's Pick of the Month, and the comments it has been receiving have been very good.

Other games to have been released this year include:

Indiana Jones - Coming of Age

A one room Indy fan game that is a fun little diversion.

Lone Case 4 - Epitaph

Another game in the Lone Case series, this one is not so much an adventure game.

Lost in the Nightmare: 'Save Our Souls'

A somewhat-deluxeified version of Lost in the Nightmare 1 it has reworked the graphics, added new areas and scenes, fixed bugs and had its text proofread, but still has some issues.

Dick LaRenzo: Secret Agent!

Quite a long demo, with strong language

James in Neverland

In French with an English translation, this game has an unusual graphical style and seems to be going down well with those who have played it.

With 3 great and many other worthwhile games out already before we've even finished February, it looks like another good year for AGS games.

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  1. Thanks a lot SSH!

    I'm making new Sydney artwork constantly, I'm working on a 16 page Sydney comic AND I've got some nice plans for the third Sydney game:
    Sydney VS The Human Race.


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