Thursday, May 15, 2014


I've always loved and hated the exact same thing about the Resident Evil franchise (moreso focusing on the earlier parts of the saga). The clunky controls. Admit it, they are at best barely working to facilitate the player in his quest. I can imagine a video compilation in my head of people raging over dying from a zombie, because they panicked and the controls slow reaction mechanics did the trick.. Perhaps that thing even exists.

Moving on.

Jill Valentine: Resident Evil III and some other spin-offs
Throughout the years and with lots of practice, I've grown accustomed and come to like that "issue". Adding to the claustrophobic, eerie atmosphere of each game with jump scares, hand-to-hand combat (mostly forced by the scarse ammo) and chasing to construct a handicap, capcom's developers shine, by creating difficulty out of thin air. But, still after all these years, it kinda makes me wonder. Has this been intentional? Or is it a flaw carefully camouflaged as a feature to trick us all?

Regardless, this comes to be a settling argument, when I compare survival horror games. Even if it takes a long while to maneuver throughout the actions, I grew to be terribly fond of Resident Evil, especially Nemesis. With a fragile yet brave protagonist, Jill Valentine, against all odds, I was disappointed to see them fail to add the storyline to the countless irrelevant movies to be. I strongly believe it would be interesting to explore the character depth of Jill, perhaps with an anime series, instead of showing Jovovich's wonderful body over and over again in an action-filled cliched zombie flick sharing no similarities to the franchise.

Besides the name. #Jill


  1. I agree on all points. I loved the game franchise, at least the first three. The controls were clunky and difficult to operate, but the games really had atmosphere. I played part 5 through and didnt really get into it. It was all fancy graphics and action. But the essence of the series was lost- atmosphere.
    I saw one or two of the films and really didn't enjoy them. They didn't capture the essence of the games at all and frankly were absurd in every respect. I mean c'mon.... special forces troops swinging in through the windows on ropes... on the ground floor? Not just that issue, there were many. All of this running up walls, back flipping whilst dual wielded pistols discharging rounds into multiple zombie heads.. sorry, nooo. Silly at the best of times. Representative of the games, not in the least.

    Hey if anyone knows where there is a free no sign-up-to-anything full PC compatible virus free full version of any of the first 3 RE games available for download I would have eternal gratitude if you could point it out to me

    Another favourite survival horror of mine was the original Silent Hill. Loved it to bits. The film made about that was far closer to the game and had a brilliant and effective atmosphere

  2. Resident Evil 4 would be a completely different game if you could change your weapon, reload, use health etc. with the push of a button like most games. Instead you have to go into your inventory all the time and go through the clunky process which creates so many more pauses in the action. This slows things down and makes it easier for the player. Resident Evil 4 is still a masterpiece though.


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