Thursday, April 24, 2014

Send your dreams where nobody hides them

Never quite understood the japanese
letters mania but they do look pretty
I've written this piece of text over and over, trying to behave as objective as I can. Trying all the while to grasp more of the situation than the heat of the moment offers me to. I preferred to step back from my computer screen. Stepping down the attic, I unlocked the door, looked up and gazed the night sky for a while. Perhaps longer than I want to acknowledge - I do tend to daydream. Anyhow, backsliding to my desk after each break, the conclusion was always the same.  
So let's talk about iceygames. Or Isiah Sweeting if you will. Somehow the idea to join an adventure game related forum persevered long enough in his mind to bother registering. Iceygames craved to transport his never-ending obsession and devotion for the japanese style rpg Final Fantasy via an adventure game engine (AGS duh!). In retrospect, I consider he'd be better off in a different engine, but that's highly irrelevant now. It's not the reasoning behind this article. So, with hopes and immaturity in his heart, he unsealed the gates of the AGS community and internet forums altogether. Today, he stands there, still heading towards to his initial target, plowing through barriers and chatters , concentrating on his art which has improved drastically. And that's phenomenal.  
Does one have the right to judge and put down the methods in which a person pursues his wildest dreams no matter how unorthodox, even if the outcome is unforeseeable. Stomping over ambitions as if they were a sandwich, in ways that are hurtful, abusively exclaiming suggestions should allow noone the privilege to boast that they were right all along. Drifting on the same hype train for a extensive while, it's vital to perceive the error of your ways. It's always refreshing to see someone bloom from the ashes of loathing and alienation, exhibiting proudness albeit never vocalizing it.

So here it is, the reason why this is been written.

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