Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's one of them days

That, instead of reading about the AGS community, you get to hear about my drama. Sometimes there's a trigger in every human being, an insecurity button, and mine gets pressed often in the community, and I feel like I'm being cornered. And I behave irrationally, because of that. Or you can choose to believe I'm an idiot, both work. And as I look back, with a straight mind, I see people a bit disappointed or offended or appalled or surprised or any kind of negative reaction to my rather negative actions.

I've always been a liberal to everything I've created and I've held a snob face to those that dared censor it in their own ways. Thus perhaps deep-down I felt the same way about the ceremony. But sometimes, it's important to see the message behind people's words. And I failed to grasp it.

Sometimes, we feel we're being pushed aside, and isn't that the case? Yet, mostly, people are trying to help us cope and we don't see that, and we refuse to let them be part of us. The lesson we should all learn, is that we should organize the ceremony as a team effort, and everyone can do their small part, see SWARM, and it can be an exciting pretty new thing again. That's the thought that lead me to open-source the files of the ceremony, so they are there for everyone to take of them what he wills.

I believe via Wyz's socket plugin, we can basically do a lot of interactive stuff, not just the ceremony awards,  I honestly believe it's worth pursuing, perhaps AGS needs a step forward, but there are steps in directions nobody has ever bothered taking. An AGS chess, isn't the way, you can take a technology and use it in oh so many innovative ways, ways that when explained to others, will seem as a natural step, but you decided to take it, and pursue some sort of dream with it. Further developing game design to something exciting and new, or bluntly put a horizon.

Vince Twelve always wanted to do something with the interface in all of his games, in Resonance, it clicked in ways it never did before. Grim aka Remigiusz Michalski always wanted to create Resident Evil-like nervousness via his games and tell an interesting twisted tale, in Cat Lady, it clicked. Joshua Nuerberger was an avid fan of Cowboy Bebop and wanted to write an atmospheric saga, in Gemini Rue it clicked. Isn't having a vision and protecting it and nurturing it what makes a game after all?

And .....after 2-3 hours of browsing the internet, I've forgotten where I wanted to go with this. Well, I'm going to release some coding stuff I've done over the years this week or so, perhaps that will turn the tables a bit. So, here's a pretty picture to help you till that happens.


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