Friday, April 5, 2013

Grouse beta

For the first time in one BILLION years, there's a new AGS Beta. This is the first official non-CJ version. Go over and check it out in the thread here.


  1. Finally! I can upgrade to 3.0! I've been wanting to since 2008, but my reputation as a cranky old man depends upon my staying at least 2 generations behind the times. ;-)

    Congrats to the guys (and gals) who managed to pull this off.

  2. I recently upgraded my games to 3.3.0, and it works beautifully so far! :D

  3. Hello! If anyone reads this please help! I've been trying to register to the forums for over an hour now, but it keeps giving me an "error" message. I get past the register quiz and accept the TOS then I enter my desired username, email, password, captcha, and type in "yes" to the question, "are you human?" then when I finally click register it says "AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED!" What am I doing wrong? I've restarted my computer, cleared my cache, and have tried in both Chrome and IE...still same error message...I'd contact the website admin but there doesn't seem to be a means to do so, other than this blog. :/


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