Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blackwell is Steaming Hot!

Literally. Blackwell: Deception has now acquired the standards of pointless gaming. STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS. A testimony of this lies below..

I'm not sure, if the games got on STEAM, are on STEAM, will be on STEAM, but I have failed to find them there, yet.

I did however found a topic, on a certain forum, that explained that the pages for the games will be up on 13th of January. So, those are great news!

Well done, Dave, congratulations ! ! !



    "Congratulations, you have unlocked the 'Managed to point the mouse on a thing and click the mouse button' Achievement!"

  2. =======================================
    Achievement Unlocked: "The Opinionator"

    You have posted your opinion on a blog.

    Congrats, Dave! All the cool kids are Steam and now you're one of them. I hope you'll still speak to me in the hallways of AGS High School now that you're in the popular crowd. \0/

  3. Thanks Duals! It took a few years and a few rejections but Steam finally saw the light. :)

  4. @DaveGilbert: The important is that you didn't get scorned, and kept your efforts. Thus achieving your goal.

    (On a sub-note, I find achievements on Steam generally pointless, except achieving such an achievement (aka getting your games in STEAM) :P)


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