Thursday, January 13, 2011

PUN: Fountain of Youth + Indie Games Night = Night of the Living Dead

Fountain of Youth team has released an awesome demo for the holidays, that just passed, but nevertheless, you should check it out. Go to the topic, or click here to download.
Reason: It made its way below...
Click to enlarge
(And yes, it's PC GAMER front page!!)

On a different subject, Domithan has been doing some cool video-reviews of AGS games that he's calling:

-->Indie Games Night
Episode 1
Episode 2

EDIT: On a side note the second MAGS game I composed for, lost. So well, yes, it's a conspiracy! Personally I blame ddq. It's a great game though, and not because I composed the awesome chiptune soundtrack. Here, play it and tell me your opinion.!CLICKY HERE!


  1. Welcome back, Dual. Now hurry up and write more articles about Barn Runner ;)


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