Friday, December 4, 2009

Interview with a Maniac

I just noticed this poll's results, on who you guys want me to interview..
And it ends up ME?
You really want to see me ask me about HHGTG and my life as a terrible adventure game developer?

I'll think of something. In the meantime SSH was really near, and CJ almost made it. Marion and Auriond got some cool votes too! And Tolworthy too!


  1. Personally, I was looking for the 'all of the above' button... ;)

  2. It was a very nice surprise seeing my alias competing in the poll, as I haven't released any complete AGS games yet.

    Still, I'd probably win anyway - it's just that most voters didn't recognize me under this brilliantly secretive alias.

  3. Right! Indeed that's the reason there, monsieur Ascovel. chicky sneaky you!

  4. The real question is: Will Dualnames ask Dualnames hard-hitting questions regarding his various sex scandals and accusations of money-laundering (and blog takeovers) or is Dualnames being paid off by Dualnames to ask softball questions and sidestep these hot button issues? The people want answers, sir!

  5. Aw it was too late by the time I saw this poll! must have only been up a few days, either that or I'm crazy :P Anyways I would have gone with either Tier or the Princess.

  6. Ponch: I will be rough(way rough)

    Disoc: Ah..I think princess can pawn us all!!


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