Thursday, July 10, 2008

Room template

A little-known AGS feature for a long while (at least 2.72 had it) has been the "New Room" template. If you create a room that you want to be the default for your game whenever you create a new room, then save it as _blank.crm in the game's main directory then whenever you hit "New Room" in the editor, it will load that as the basis for the new room. So, if you find yourself as irritated with the new AGS 3.0 script interaction controller (the lightning icon thing) as I am, why not create a default room that has all the room interactions already added?

Also, if you load up your normal game template, save a new _blank.crm and then create a template from that game, you can have that as the default room for all future games and your frustration can be channelled into making awesome adventures instead!


  1. Thanks, that's a nice one. I did not know that.

  2. Since 3.0.1 you can do this more easily by right-clicking a room and choosing Create Template From Room


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