Monday, April 7, 2008

Point-and-clicks enable people!

While trawling the blogsphere for AGS-related stuff, I discovered this blog entry, from a blog on accessible gaming. Seems that point-and-click games (and hence most AGS games) are particularly suitable for gamers who have to use head or eye tracking devices rather than keyboards or mice.

I'm glad that AGSers are accidentally providing games open to all, and I hope that AGS and all game creators bear these things in mind when it comes to planning future games. Don't put in keyboard control stuff just for the sake of having something different. Personally, I prefer to be all mouse or all keyboard myself rather than switching back and forth and it shouldn't take too much thought to come up with accessible alternatives for things. One should also bear in mind that not everyone can hear sound effects clearly, and so making gameplay dependent on responding to audible cues is also restricting access to people with hearing difficulties.


  1. Awesome - now I just need me a head tracker so I can sit back when playing the games :D.

    The list was alright... but no Princess Mariam games in the list?

    ...obviously some revision is in order here.

  2. Interesting post, SSH.
    CJ thinks of everything ;)


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