Thursday, May 22, 2014

They shoot horses,don't they?

To get things running, I've always found the title so interesting, besides the wonderful acting by Jane Fonda, I've surrounded the movie in my head with a veil of mystery and intrigue. The hindering whispers of dead-end and inevitability throughout the simple yet catching story arcs, are totally the highlight. Life is a bit crazy after all, and sometimes it does get too real.

Going a bit off-track, my mind is a bit traveling to my mom, who kind of escaped death, according to my father, this past Saturday. But she's doing well now, can't wait for her to return home.

A valuable lesson to be found in realizing what's worth pursuing.
Anyhow, sometimes, we have to learn to let go.

Not just people, but also creative projects, as they sometimes go ashtray and it's hard to pursue the goals we set out to achieve through them. It saddens me to see a project I really want to see, get shut. But those behind it, have their reasons. They've matured and gained experience from them.

Vital elements to be used in the future ones. And that's how game designers evolve, by throwing down what they consider as dead-weight, whether it's easy to do so, or super-hard. No matter how much you've clung to something, it won't fix the issues that revolve around it.

Personally I've abandoned a good dozen of half-started games. We all have, whether we put work or we just thought about them for a day or two - or an hour. In the spirit of the old Sierra adventure games, we learn through countless hours of trial and error, till we see the much desired exit.

Apologies for the inconsistent rambling.

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