Thursday, May 1, 2014


Sometimes, you look at your past experiences, still clinged tightly to some of them, holding regret and angst, and you purposefully reach the conclusion to move on. Progressing equals the necessity to mature and grow up, or at least it should. Eventually we all strike people with elitism and arrogance levels that should be attributed to megalomaniacs and egoists.

Thus it's vital to take a step back and visualize the changes, even if that means adapting to them. And adaptation is the biggest step. Half of the work, if you will. However, only doing so, let us appreciate the past days, full of hopes and dreams. Looking back to your older self, don't you want to scream heartwarming encouraging words? Things will get better, won't they?\

There's always light if you look up.
And this is where zealots stand, to seperate the herd. Providing gateways to a vision, and grasping heavily to it, no matter what the odds may be. And does the outcome matter? If only to the victors. And to them, the steps have already faded from being a thought/idea to an action, thus to an output. The regrets too irrelevant after all this energy focused on a single crazy vision. And such was the one Chris Jones had. The will to single -handendly create an outlet, no, a gateway to dreams. Had we tried to explain the reasoning behind the countless hours spent developing what would end up as AGS, wouldn't we all fail? Does it even matter now?  History has set such thoughts as obsolete, unremarkable and that's for the better.

Even if you weren't there as something was evolving under the similar patterns of parameters as it had when it first set out its eyes for the world to see, even though the recipe has been adjusted under the principle of progress, setting course undergoing a different path, sailing for a new voyage, one can't help but feel the presence of the pioneer in the all the small things. Stepping aside, is the hardest step, but also the fundamental one, it's holding out your heart for the world to embrace.

Thank you.


  1. This post is awesome and the linked page even more so.
    Thanks for sharing/writing it!

  2. hehe, what are you jazzed up on, Jim :)

  3. I have no clue! But it's easy to write this way.


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