Monday, May 5, 2014

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #1

I was basically just gonna ramble forever about whatever was in my head, but then a marvelous topic appeared on my radar, so I'm gonna be pasting all the exhibits here once a week, every monday. The idea has initially been pitched by Gribbler, and it has gathered all kinds of wonderful attention by AGSers.

Gribbler's pitch:
Years ago I had an idea to write a blog called "Adventure Games Museum" where I wanted to write about adventures of the past, with photos of given game front and back cover, it's box contents, trivia and whatnot. You know, like in a display in the actual museum. I guess I wanted to show the young adventurers how the games were being released in the old days, before the age of digital distribution: no "soulless" downloadable keys, no lame DVD boxes, no pretty box covers. The blog didn't really work out. I posted 2 or 3 games and abandoned it due to lack of time. Also, it was in my native language and only about 3 or 4 people read it I thought why not make a collaborative effort out of it, right here in the forums. 
Oh, and I don't do this to boast about my games collection. Not AT ALL! Nooooo, sir!

So, my first game is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Why? Because it belongs in a museum!


Front and back cover:

What's inside the box - Henry Jones' diary, Hint Book, six 5,25" really floppy disks, copy protection sheet with special glasses, bunch of leaflets.

Intricate spoil-proof hint system! Copy protection worked the same way so you could not xerox it.

Beautiful handwritten Henry Jones' diary which you had to consult to solve puzzles in the game. Really cool stuff!

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  1. Never saw this before, thanks for posting!


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